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17 04, 2014

When $#*! Really Gets Real With Cancer

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I almost fell down, my legs not giving me the strength to stand. I didn't trust myself. I didn't want to walk. I didn't even want to open my eyes. It felt like the wind was blowing me from side to side, and at any moment, I was going to fall... possibly to my death. [...]

7 04, 2014

Three Unlikely Places Where Hope Conquered All

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New Year's Eve, 2001. Most of my friends and family were celebrating the hope of what a new year brings... more success, more memories, more growth, more everything. Do you remember where you were? I was naked in a bathtub for two hours, lying fetal-sideways in water long since chilled by the air of the [...]

6 03, 2014

The One Song Every Cancer Patient Should Imbibe

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When we started The Half Fund, our goal was to lift the veil on cancer. We always feel that knowledge is power, and information is a pretty good equalizer. Cancer is going to hit you like a truck. Period. You can either brace for the impact, or you can get run over. What is your [...]

18 02, 2014

Be the Glow

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It's snowing again. This latest band brings us up to around 30 inches for the year. It's about a foot more than we usually get in St. Louis. The sun hasn't shined much, either. If it wasn't for all of the red wine I consume, I'd be pretty damn miserable. For those who have never [...]

22 01, 2014

Tell Your Cancer Story. It’s Important.

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So Steph and I have started a little tradition on Friday nights. After dinner, we go downstairs, grab a large bowl of popcorn, grab lemonade for the boys and NOT lemonade for us, and watch a movie in our basement. These movie nights usually consist of something we've seen a few hundred times, but they're [...]

7 01, 2014

You Think That’s Bad? I Lost a Testicle!

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So we in the Midwest are just coming out of a little thing called a Polar Vortex, which up until recently might have been mistaken for the lesser known fetish of "Santa Porn."  On the morning of January 6, my wife Stephanie and I woke up at oh-dark-thirty and shoveled the better part of a [...]

23 11, 2013

How A Little Boy With Cancer Briefly Saved Us All…

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Almost nobody remembers his or her life at two years old.  Fleeting pictures may come to us in glimpses, but we are pretty much at the mercy of the stories of our loved ones to embrace our early chronology.  It's because of this that a little boy named Miles Scott has never known anything besides [...]

19 11, 2013

My Cancer Baptism by Fire

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So it was Father's Day weekend when I got the call from my friend, Wayne Elsey. After discussing a little business, he said, "Well, I'm on my way to Sarasota." "Vacation time?" "No, I'm in discussions to be giving a TED talk at TEDx Sarasota later this year." Now I've never known anyone who has [...]

31 10, 2013

Why Cancer is Relative…

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There is a woman with no husband, no children, not even a boyfriend.  She has average looks that she tries to enhance every morning before going to work at her average job.  If you were to ask three of her co-workers, each one would say she has a different hair color.  And not one of [...]

20 10, 2013

How Cancer Saved My Life…

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As what will go down as the highlight of my career thus far, I was absolutely honored to give a TEDx talk in Sarasota this week.  The theme, Harmonious Havoc, focused on taking a negative situation and turning it into something that could, as my friend Travis puts it, change theIR world. I walked into [...]