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Dan Duffy has been working in film, television, and radio for almost 20 years. Graduating from the Foundation Film program at the Vancouver Film School in 2000, he has been making documentaries, commercials, and short films since for companies big and small around the world. Prior to this, Dan spent five years as an assistant producer, sports director, production manager, and on-air talent for the nationally syndicated “Steve and DC Radio Show.” He has won numerous awards in his career, including a Telly Award Winner, a seven-time Telly Award Finalist Winner, and an AIR (Achievement in Radio) award, with two other nominations. In 2003, Dan was diagnosed with stage three testicular cancer. Through massive amounts of chemotherapy and multiple surgeries, Dan was declared cancer free seven months after his diagnosis.
17 04, 2015

68 Hours in Haiti, Part 2: Downtown Port au Prince

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I woke up to the sound of birds and faint traffic. It was a beautiful morning in Port au Prince, which, to be honest, I never would have imagined I would ever experience. The shower had better water pressure than I have had at most U.S. hotels, a rather nice surprise. I got dressed, checked [...]

10 04, 2015

68 Hours in Haiti, Part 1: The Arrival

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"Danny, we're goin' to Haiti." Todd Newton called my phone. He did not bother to say "hello" when I answered it. And, I thought he was joking. "Excuse me? We're going where?" "Haiti. We're going with Soles4Souls." I could hear the smile in Todd's voice. It was not reciprocated on my end. "With who? To [...]

3 04, 2015

I Ate the Elephant; I Lost Weight

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"How'd you like to lose weight, Fat Ass?" asked my friend Subash right after Christmas this year. The holidays had not been good to me. Scratch that -- the holiday food had not been good to me. Without my realizing, and we never realize, I had crept up my weight again. And I was doing [...]

24 02, 2015

Age Is a State of Mind; Mileage Is Not

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"Honey? Can I see the back of your shorts?" Stephanie and I were standing at the edge of a wave pool in suburban St. Louis County yesterday, watching Sam and Ben play with their friends James and Peter. They were playing "Baywatch," doing chest compressions by standing on each others stomachs. "What?" "Can I see [...]

11 02, 2015

Live the Dream. Seriously. Live it.

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I am a homebody. My idea of a kick-ass Saturday night is to sit in our basement with Steph and our boys and watch any Harry Potter flick while eating popcorn and chocolate, and drinking a nice glass of vino. This is especially true when I'm asked to do something that doesn't include Steph. She [...]

20 01, 2015

I Do Not Subscribe to Survivor Guilt

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When I was young, I was a pleaser because I thought that was the key to happiness. Someone would need something and I would say "yes," no matter what the personal cost. I wanted to be that go-to person because, honestly, I thought it would get people to like me. It started out innocuously enough [...]

7 01, 2015

One Very Personal Stuart Scott Story

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I was playing around on Facebook when my partner in The Half Fund, Joe Farmer, sent me a PM. "Did you hear about Stuart Scott?" He didn't have to go any further. I immediately started crying for so many reasons: for my blindness, for my hypocrisy, for my conversion, and for my anguish. When my [...]

22 12, 2014

How ‘Santa’ Changed Two Children With $100

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My friend Jeremy is an amazing soul. He's one of the funniest people I've ever met and always knows how to take a conversation just one step too far. He also has an amazing heart, never failing to help me and everyone at The Half Fund to further our mission of lifting the veil on [...]

15 12, 2014

When Broken Wind Healed My Broken Heart…

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"Dad! You've gotta see this!!" Those are never words that strike a particular sense of calm in our house. They're usually followed by a loud noise of some variety, and possibly a form of toxic ooze consisting of precisely nothing relating to the periodic table. "See what, Sammy?" I replied meekly. Before he could answer, [...]

3 12, 2014

To Whom Much Is Given…

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I should not be here today. There is not an "if," an "and," or a single "but" about it. I've been thrown out of a moving Jeep at 60MPH. I survived stage-three cancer. I can't begin to tell you how many scrapes I dodged, ducked, dipped, dived and dodged out of throughout my teenage years. [...]