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“You have cancer.”

These three words change millions of lives in an instant. Not only for individuals diagnosed directly, but for those standing by their side as well. As the world of medicine continues to work towards a cure, we are left with the battle that follows hearing this earth-shattering phrase. But there are three more words that we offer to help those in their fight: “Love. Art. Life.”


Whether you are battling cancer or supporting someone in their fight, we will all be affected by this potentially devastating disease at some point. And during this difficult process you might be the rock that others cling to one day, but the one holding on for dear life the next. When we are strong enough to support others, and humble enough to accept when we’re not, we are bold enough to win the fight against cancer. As we empower each other, we empower ourselves and everyone around us.


The Half Fund was created to illustrate the realities of a cancer diagnosis, the good and the bad, through commercially viable mass media projects such as films, documentaries, books, and music. The first nonprofit of its kind, the Half Fund is a truly self-regenerating fund that will benefit existing cancer charities as well. Currently in the development stages, the first project will be a film called “Half” that will split proceeds with the American Cancer Society. The remaining proceeds will allow the Half Fund to provide grants to artists whose mass media projects will also educate about cancer. Artists who receive grants are then allowed to pick any cancer charity of their choice with whom to split their profits with. As with the first project, remaining proceeds will come back to the Half Fund where the cycle starts again. This “pay-it-forward” process will continue as more incredible works of art are produced.


The more we know, the more we can understand and truly start living. Until the day that a cure is found, we will continue to cope the best we know how. Through the heart and soul of art, its humor and metaphors for life, we can lift the veil on cancer and become a beacon of light to millions around the world so no one goes through the fight blindly.

Join us as we revolutionize the nonprofit world, popular art and culture, as well as the struggle against cancer. The awareness created and the power of knowledge will forever change how we react to those three words. A cancer diagnosis is not the end of the world. It’s just the beginning of a new chapter.