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Help us help those who are suffering in the Philippines…

In this season of Thanksgiving, we realize how fortunate we are to enjoy plenty of food, warm clothes, a bed, a home, and for most of us, our health.ShelterBox is maximising its personnel and aid in the Philippines to help displaced families after Typhoon Haiyan leaves devastation in its wake.

Now imagine all of that taken away in less than a month.  Countless Philippine citizens wake up every morning to what is nothing short of a living nightmare.  Enduring both a massive earthquake and the largest typhoon ever recorded has left many of those lucky enough to survive with literally nothing.

These people do not simply need relief; they need a re-birth.  They need…a Shelterbox.

Each Shelterbox contains almost everything a family needs to stay alive.  A tent, cooking utensils, warm blankets and coats, tools, a water purification system, and even toys are just some of the items that a family receives.
We at the Half Fund are making it our mission to help fund as many Shelterboxes as we can by December 31st.  We ask everyone reading this to think about hosting a shoe drive at their school, or their office, or even in their neighborhood.  Hosting a drive is easy, and can be completed in as little as two days.

ShelterBox is maximising its personnel and aid in the Philippines to help displaced families after Typhoon Haiyan leaves devastation in its wake.And not only will the funds we receive from each pair of shoes go to fund Shelterboxes, but the shoes, themselves, will be sent to places like Guatemala, or Haiti, or Tanzania…where they will be used for safety, sanitation, and even currency.

Please send your name, city, and contact information to, and we will coordinate with you to host your very own shoe drive.

And for more information on these amazing Shelterboxes, visit And to hear an amazing array of stories from Shelterbox USA President Emily Sperling at TEDx Sarasota, watch here: Shelterbox TEDx Sarasota

Together, we can affect so many lives, and it all happens by closing your wallet, and opening your closet.

A ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) continues to distribute urgently needed aid in the Philippines as fresh flooding stretches relief operations on the island of Mindanao. More than 1200 lives have been reported lost and many thousands of people have lost th

Thank you for caring enough to make the world a better place.

Dan, Joe, Meredith, Kelly, and David
A.K.A. The Half Fund



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