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Here are the five “W’s” of the MPI:

WHO: You! You have the power to change the world for so many people, all with what you don’t need or want anymore…your unused, unwanted, and unnecessary extra pairs of shoes.

WHAT: Our goal is to band together with all of our neighbors and friends to raise one million pairs of used shoes to benefit the poorest people on earth…people who use your shoes for barter, for hygiene, for survival.

WHERE: Everywhere! It is so unbelievably simple to hold a shoe drive at your office, your school, your church, even your neighborhood! All it takes is a box and a message, and we can provide all of it for you. We’ll even come to pick them up when the drive is finished.

WHEN: Any time you like! Our goal is to raise one million pairs of shoes by September 30. But don’t worry…you don’t have to keep collecting shoes the entire time. If you decide to host a shoe drive, pick a four-week period convenient for you from now until late September.

WHY: Simple…to make the world a better place, and isn’t that why we’re here?

With just one pair of shoes, you are contributing so much to so many. It is one less pair to find its way to the landfill. It is a pair that can genuinely save a life in places like Tanzania, Guatemala, and Haiti. The Half Fund will receive a fee for each pair collected. You get to reclaim some valuable closet space back. And in the end, you are changing the world.

For more information on how you can be a part of the Million Pair Initiative, please e-mail us at If you would like to simply drop your shoes at any of our partner locations, please click here.

So please join with us in changing the world today. We need your help. We need…your shoes.